Network Cabling Performance Audit & Inspection Reports

Are you getting the most out of your invested cabling network? With the latest Fluke testing equipment we provide professional test reports for both fibre and copper.

The IT cabling infrastructure is the backbone of any building design and supports every end point technology connected to the network. Many networks do not perform optimally due to the aging infrastructure cabling or poor installation and management practices.

A network cabling performance audit is intended to provide the client with an independent evaluation report on the current status and future lifespan of the existing cable infrastructure.

The process starts by meeting with the stakeholders to discuss concerns, existing network communication performance issues, and establish future needs and the desired outcome. The evaluation report will include an inspection of the following components and analysis:

1. Network Rack (location, proper bonding, and grounding)

a Patch Panel (distribution and placement on the rack)

3. Cable, Outlets and Connector Types (component inconsistency that can affect network performance)

4. Cable Path (distance, pathway designs, and supports)

5. Labels (lack of or improper labeling)

6. Existing Cable Category versus user current and future data throughput requirement

The evaluation is conducted by experienced cabling professionals using advanced test equipment and following industry best practices. The detailed report includes a permanent link test to measure performance results of the existing network cabling system and recommend areas for corrective action.



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