Think Modular embraces the world of  construction modularity by offering a simplified modular data cabling solution to support your Smart Building devices. In a modern workspace businesses also need their Smart devices to be movable.

This is why we design a modular, flexible solution to ensure when your workspace changes or additions happen, our modular solution rapidly changes with you. This plug-n-play solution helps your Smart devices be relocated and ready to be used as soon as possible.

Our Process

  1. Site Survey:
    • Our site surveys are inspections of an area where work is proposed. We gather information for the design prior to providing an estimate.  It can determine precise locations, access, best orientation for the site and a list of any obstacles that the field team will need to know prior to deployment.
  2. Network Design:
    • After the site survey, a software-design process is completed showing where the MDF and/or IDFs are placed.  It will show where every rack, camera point, access point, consolidation point & workstations are located on the premises, both indoors and outdoors. The design process is basically an As Built drawing for the field team to follow until completion.
  3. Proposal:
    • A well detailed description of the Scope of Work along with an overall cost for completion is provided to the client.
  4. Rapid Deployment:
    1. Pre-terminated solutions can be install up to 50% faster than traditional cabling installs, eliminating the need for on site dressing, terminations and testing. Moves, adds and changes can be done immediately due to the flexibility of our modular solution.
  5. Close Out Documents:
    • At the end of fitout we provide a final As Built drawing(s), industry standard test results and any documentation referring to what was installed.